@CassiusChanning @johnyassouw I am not misleading anyone nor should they take my opinion about what can and can not happen 100%. Here is a better screen shot of both side by side to show you what I mean. I was getting confused at the moment, that is why I showed the chart, and stated I was incorrect about $INPX . I confused it with what happened with $PIXY. But as I mentioned earlier there is about 10 other stocks I did not mention that did go up a minimum of 15% or so before and after if not double. It all depends on your trading strategies and what methods you apply. If you restrict yourself to a phone app and do not have the correct info. in front of you then you will not be a successful day trader. But I like to share and get involved so I can learn from and share with others as well. If I haven't been successful over the past 10 yrs. I wouldn't give out advice that is misleading. You can learn something new everyday no matter how much you know. #knowyourworth
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