$OPNT I don’t want to create conspiracy theories and that’s just a gut feeling of mine, but I’m really having a hard time to believe this sell-off of nearly 50% within 2 days is “organic” so to speak…I’m getting the feeling there are nasty games being played by some big boys…The fake “Hikma” news, a 50% sell off within 2 days, and all that after the announcement of impressive data, a possible solution for the biggest health challenge the US faces besides/since Covid…Fentanyl is now the leading cause of death for Americans at the age between 25 and 45, let that sink in🤷…And here we are, trading below cash value at an mc of approximately 50m, seems about right to me…Something is off here, I personally will buy every f dip they grant us the next weeks, just my 2 cents🤔