@cric_14 Honestly, no clue. Could go any direction. Probability model though says significant pullback anywhere between 1 day and 2 weeks with potential risk originally up to around 240, now revised to 245. Upside should be fairly limited because it's extremely stretched by several metrics. This short setup has triggered on $FB only 10 times in the past two years and all 10 were profitable shorts. So I'm shorting as close to 240 as I can (231 entry was a little early and aggressive so covered for a small gain this morning and re-entered at 235) looking for number 11.
@cric_14 Bulls may well be (and probably are) right that it's headed much higher, but I don't care about that, this trade is focused on capturing a high probability pullback first. After that it can fly or die, don't care.
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