DOGs “TOP 5 Roster Starters” for tomorrow. $ADMP a hot COVID vaccine play awaiting an imminent PR. Great chart with a Golden Cross. A PR drop blows it up! Lots of eyes starting to get on this. Easy 100% plus from here. Loaded heavy! $QLGN Anticipation is high for the imminent PR on “fast-pack” covid test distribution. It’s coming and I am waiting. Loaded to the ceiling on this one. $JAGX Awaiting a PR update on COVID vaccine trials. Covid vaccine plays are white hot now and this one is a must play imo. $HMHC My top education. Play with a “first in class” platform for online education tool for educators. Many counties and states have already decided schools will start online, many more will follow. A 6.00 stock before COVID. $COCP Another favorite covid vaccine play with imminent PR. Looking for continuation up for next leg. A PR drop sends it. Do your own DD Good Luck. DOG 🤙
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