$AMC The short selling mafia only exists for one reason now, It's not about doing what is best for the market. It's about shorting everyone into oblivion to pay for their bad bets. Look at last week when they shorted us down 12 dollars. Yah, you know why, because they were on the verge of margin calls. The whole market is suffering because of their bad bets and instead of taking what should be coming to them, they are raping every retail investor in the market. This isn't our fault. You make your bed you have to sleep in it. We bought the stock because in accordance with trade rules. Now they are in trouble so the rules somehow do not apply to them. I was very patient for a long time and trusted something would be done but as we see, 9 months later here we are. We will still get paid, there is no way around that but enough is enough. Time is money.