@Seeking_Theta The only reason I said "some of the biggest" is because of frauds like $NKLA where they are valued in the billions without any revenue. In terms of legitimate companies with a likely long term future, I would have to agree I don't believe I've ever seen a bubble larger than $ZM. I don't recall ever seeing a reputable public company with $1+ billion in revenue much more than 40x sales, and if they do it inevitably ends up leading to a crash (e.g Amazon in '99). Meanwhile, Zoom is sitting around 120x sales, more than a century of trailing revenue. @Joe_ByeDon Ya, as insane as Shopify is, Zoom really is in its own league. It's absolutely mind blowing that Shopify is a monster bubble in its own right, being 3x more expensive than $FB at its peak and even 50% more than $AMZN in the dot-com bubble, but yet Shopify's 60x sales is *STILL* only half as expensive as Zoom's 120x sales.
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