$CAN Bullish guys please advise about I see articles about Kazakhstan new rules( electricity shortage and reducing for crypto miners & new taxes rules) on crypto. I saw about new crypto miners will only get a limited electricity but I saw CAN is started mining & happy to hear it. Please comment the real news
@Chaitu555 pulled this off of yahoo finance. I’m not able to locate a source of info regarding an energy crisis in Kazakhstan. It would appear to not be on Canaan’s radar if it’s true. (Rumor or truth? My guess is rumor). Can is becoming a major mining company to complement its hardware and tech business and had an exceptional third quarter. I love that they are buying back stock right now instead of doing PO’s. Steady growth over time using the gains they have generated says a lot about this Company. Next year will be very good for them even if BTC dips. They are the parts and smarts side of Crypto and expanding into mining just makes big money kind of sense.