$SPY Seems I hit a nerve, was it the your lack thereof knowledge? Or your incapability or writing a proper sentence. Lets review. 2,5,10 Yr Notes Sub 1.0, Vix pierced 85, 1&3 Month notes went negative. 50Bps Intermeeting cut, 100Bps cut 13 days later. 5Trillion+ in market pamp. Unlimited Qe, repo, discount window, MBS, Muni & Treasury purchases; few billion for 341 million Americans. We were 20x forward earnings, end of business cycle, end of commodities super cycle as well as a 12 year record run. Prior to the virus, China growth curbing, Europe recessing, Italy Recessed; need we speak of Germany? Negative rates abroad & coming here. OPEC oil war, China trade war. Have you seen oil? Now the virus. 30% expected unemployment, 90% of schools out across globe. 1.3 billion just locked down. 150 million were locked down. 90% reduction in sales across industries. Supply and demand disruption is real. Let me guess, its just the flu? You think printing is good? #Ignorant
@FutesBRippin @DrKe LOL If you couldn't understand my sentences than you're an even bigger dumbass than anyone else on here. You can "Fuck off" because you're a nobody a big fucking loser bitch with nothing to live. Go kill yourself you piece of trash shit. #Dumbfatfuckingpeople
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