@Fuzzynuts you're right, oil broke the lower support and may now back track to mid-70s. Hopefully no lower than that. But this isn't a normal pullback, this is an intervention by DC dickheads that can't mind their own business because they're so f-in clueless. $CPE, $LPI, $CDEV, $REI, $WTI and others may just have to wait till 1Q 2022 for a new round of ATH prints ..... glta
@Spinvestor @Fuzzynuts I think I mentioned the rising inflation. You could almost feel what's the next move in oil! After all, nothing goes straight up except a rocket ship and we had a pretty decent move in oil already! They're bitching about inflation so....what would tamper inflation...hmmm tamper rising energy cost! It's not unique to only this administration...the last administration did the same thing when oil hit its ATH. It's a fuckin crooked game no matter who's in office!! Fuckin bullshit...I hate being right on this one...pisses me off!! Sorry about the French but it's getting so frustrating with this oil sector!