$PPJE I bought this little booger about 4-5 years ago. Spent $500 on 5 million shares with the hope that one day I could double my money. I had a sell order in for 60 days for .0001 and couldn’t even get it filled. Best thing that ever happened. While yes we are beating the bee highs everyday look where we have come in the past 3 months. From a shell company with no news, message boards that you might see a comment ever week or two and now look where we are. I know there are others that are there with me and so glad to see all of the others that have come joined us along the way. we are here for the long haul so enjoy the highs and endure the lows. If you really believe in this company then don’t let 2 weeks effect your decision nom matter how good or bad it may be. Set your target and ride it to the sunset. Good luck to all and stay positiv... we will get there!