$MMTLP Questions and some possible answers. MMTLP began trading without the knowledge of MMAT/TRCH management teams! Fact They were blindsided by this otc offering of Perferred Shares. SOLUTION: They devised the Oilco spin off to COUNTER scum bags. The FTD shorted positions from TRCH merger may have been moved to MMTLP! So the counter move will move the FTD's to Oilco cuspid and these shares will be need to be covered in either MMTLP or Oilco. No squeeze on MMAT is my guess now.
@Surftime No they said they had nothing to do with it. They said … “did not request, has not been involved in and did not initiate the trading of the Series A shares on the OTC market” Which is ALL true, but they DID issue issue the shares with FINRA in case a market for trade was developed for settlement options
@Surftime Which is why this memo from OCC went out PRE merger stating this could and will trade on OTC if market was developed. I am pretty sure this landed on Brdas desk. You should ask him!! Lol