$AMC One observation I noticed in this channel is.... People are way too emotional and coming up with random conclusions. Stock market is a psychological came between parties. Reacting too much shows your cards to the other party. The reality is the hedgies that many of you "fear" have much more resources to strategize on the next psychological attack. Everyone please be humble, and don't assume the hedgies are always attacking as there are many players in the market. The sad thing it shows indirectly how many likely have a large portion of their portfolio if not all in this single security. Having all the eggs in one basket usually results in failure, dissapointment, and anger. Be humble do your DD and avoid overreacting or instigating offensive attacks. Were all strangers in the end of they day where we have our own financial goes in existing and entering the market. Having said that I am holding onto my AMC shares as squeeze seems imminent