$SHIP It is tough to be bullish on a stock which goes down day after day, every day. Past 10 years have been very tough for investors. A person who held 1000 shares in 2010 now holds less than a share! The management does not seem to care. This was the bad part. Now the good part. Finally the management seems to be trying. Whether they are genuinely trying to create value or not, is not for me to comment. They seem to be trying. Interview was positive in my opinion. (Does my opinion matter if the stock still goes down? Perhaps no and I get it) Selling it at this price would be equivalent to selling it at 10 cents pre reverse split. I am a buyer. Is it a chance worth taking with this management? Not sure, but I will take it. I somehow felt that the CEO is genuine after looking at the interview. All IMO of course.
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