@WillardStiles @Meateater99 If it’s not gone which I know it is it will be now. There’s a 15 page report which highlights this year in mainly this quarter’s progress in the one thing you have to understand about this business is that the residual income from any deployment is massive that’s where all the money is. It’s not the initial deployment where are you make your money in The pest control business. You almost break even at that point it’s all of the reapplications of in this case the liquid formulation that I’m sure is getting sucked dry in these locations over and over and over. That’s where the money starts coming in. So when they break down profit margin‘s they’re saying 50%. That Morgan is on the initial Sale. Then it goes to about 75% that’s a fact. Sometimes higher do you think Rollins is a Fortune 500 co. Because it has a lot of customers kind of but more about their margins are just massive!
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