$GME Gamestop is the one-stop shop for gaming and becoming a tech company through integrating their website, app, and stores. Their e-commerce is booming and already 20% of revenue. The upcoming next-gen super cycle will reveal a brand new Gamestop as the "Chewy of Gaming," and the "Local Church of Gaming." Chewy and Wayfair are both valued at $25 billion each and have less & equal revenue than Gamestop. Those are pet supplies and furniture e-commerce companies. The opportunities and growth in the gaming industry far outweigh those $CHWY $W What do you think Gamestop will be valued at when it becomes the one-stop shop for gaming merch, services, etc. online? $100 a share would be a $6.4 billion valuation $200 a share would be a $12.8 billion valuation While those numbers might seem far-fetched, they would actually be fair valuations for the online one-stop shop for gaming. Short sellers gambled on bankruptcy and didn't have the foresight to see the real narrative unfolding.
@sourlad glad you caught the zeros buddy. so you acknowledge the existence of revenue now? Xbox will not be the winner this generation and it may be its last generation. Game pass is cross platform...doesnt need Xbox