$GME Signs shorts are desperate from the events this week: - Twitter rants of frustration from financial authors - Profanity from Gamestop's analyst, Anthony Chukumba - Misinformation from various financial authors - Deception from the CNBC financial video (scaling chart axes showing losses greater than gains) - Writers unjustly omitting and not discussing any growth drivers of the Gamestop Reboot (E-commerce, app, PC Gaming Hardware, etc.) - Writers and analysts continuously belittling and downplaying any progress Gamestop has done instead of inquiring more (Microsoft news) - Downgrade but increased price target from Gamestop analyst - Barrages of bear articles hitting the wires Every dollar up, they lose $70 million. No wonder they're playing dirty. At one point today, they ~$150 million. Don't get shook. The real fun hasn't started.
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