$MVIS This is combat. And every day is meaningful right now. Separate from the enormous amount of DD on what the company is and is not, the combat also involves expectations. The unrealistic expectations of longs are centered around 10B to 20B valuations or more. Realistically, you should let that go. Shorts are trying to push chapter 11, no buy out, disaster. That's not realistic either. But even if the buy out is for between 1.5B to 4B (likely based on the numbers), shorts are in serious trouble. That's why they're here. Unrealistic expectations are making them push hard. It would be good to recognize that, longs - and keep your expectations realistic. It's likely the 'deal' won't be perfect. MVIS has some disadvantages logistically despite the overwhelming portfolio. They're small. Would be buyers of the key tech have some competition. A nimble MVIS takes advantage of that. It appears the company is positioning to convey something by or during the CC. Until then, combat.
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