$MDR $VIVE $TTNP Morning All, I was screening stocks today to see if there were a few good openings. What I saw reminded me of the 2008 .com bubble prior to popping. The vast majority of stocks, no matter how crappy the financials were, or how shaky the fundamentals proved to be, are bouncing this past few months. The overall positive market buzz and ability for micro-investors to enter the game has me a bit concerned. That said : 1. There is still money to be made. 2. Only invest what you can absorb as a loss. 3. Set your in & out points and stand by them, (not easy) I lost 12k in MDR earnings because I got greedy. 4. Regarding Stock Twits: Find a few good souls willing to share and teach. Ignore the pump and preach knuckleheads with fruit fly attention spans. They usually fade away with their losses anyway. GLTA
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