$CFRX During the recent BARDA conference call, CFRX talked about their relationship with Pfizer and opined that Exebacase is a "global" drug with a reasonably high POS (probability of success) which only increased after BARDA's deep dive. CFRX has also stated that affiliation with a global partner with a strong hospital business unit is a must. Now, Pfizer has invested twice and has its head of hospital business unit sitting as an observer on CFRX's board, plus former Pfizer folks work for CFRX and former Rockefeller U folks work for PFE, so we know who has taken the pole position. The first indication that Exebacase is really working beyond the small cohort in the P2 will be the upcoming interim look in 2h21. With Covid, I'm planning on 4Q21 but others think it will be 3Q21. In any event, if the IRB gives a go, then Exebacase is clearly demonstrating superiority to standard of care.... Be on the lookout for an deepening of the relationship with PFE if a go is given.