$WTRH Well clearly everyone isn't a fan of Carl so far. I have been working at Waitr full-time for more than a year Pros None under the new CEO. Cons Carl Grimstad does not care about the people who work for Waitr or Bitesquad. He was brought on to make the company profitable and that means he sees employees as numbers, not human beings. Some things you should know about the Waitrapp CEO: 1. He has not addressed employees once since joining the company. We are completely in the dark as to what his plan for the company is. Are our jobs safe? We have no idea. 2. He's decided to turn W2 drivers into 1099 contractors. Current drivers will lose their health insurance and new ones will no longer be eligible. 3. He laid off a massive chunk of the company with NO severance. People who had been here for years. There is zero loyalty. 4. Employee morale is toast. .
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