@FishingattheBottom 3rd Offering this morning. R/S Split Vote next week. Armistice dumped Millions of shares March 12 Diluted made millions while screwed us investors kept us in dark: secform4.com/insider-tradin... IM OUT I got screwed I started email campaign emailed every newspaper got others to do it helped promote to TV show interviews I believed in this company stock they screwed us behind the scenes made millions! I’m DONE IM OUT they dumped on me I dump on them! I’m in $DECN is better Test Kit made in South Korea but other countries will make it too USA Company owns it has Worldwide Exclusive Distribution they designed it own it did 2 PRs made $DECN go from $.02 to today $.25! People took profits to reset RSI Chart Look is perfect now for huge run $1-$2 Next Week on Pre Announced 2 PRs about FDA special Approval Meeting. Next week we $1-$2 today reset to $.12 perfect entry tomorrow Friday BUY & HOLD $1-$2.
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