$DWAC Things that make you go hmm: #1 The 1st non politician President Trump gets elected and vows to drain the swamp then immediately is under investigation as a Russian spy #2 President Trump starts in on China "knock offs - Tariffs" and then all of a sudden we have covid and china locks down wuhan then tells the US a month later #3 President Trump wants to remove protections for MSM & Big Tech and is systematically censored across the board and billions of bigtech dollars went to liberal causes #4 President Trump went after big pharma and insane drug prices and policies and then for some strange reason the vaccines were delayed and then released immediately after the election #5 President Trump Said the election was rigged and showed proof of the dumps at 4am. #6 President Trump wanted to give out free zelenko protocol and his Regeneron cocktail and rough it out until herd immunity and now we have "variants" and more deaths this year than last year??? Durham & Kyle Turned The Tide