$DYAI For gods sake wili wanka get a life instead of going over my posts. But if you insist on calling me out I have 24,200 shares and if you do not believe me let's set up an escrow account through Wells Fargo, and bet $5,000, that first you should focus on the mission of why we are all here , second when you lose you will admit to the board that you really should get a life and start working on that, and finally that I actually have that many shares and can prove it. Agree to the terms and send me money. My email which is rarely given out on boards but for 5K I will make an exception will be sent when you publicly agree to the terms. And FOR THE RECORD, you are wasting all of our time and attention on your petty posts. If it is not my grammar it is my holdings. This time it will cost you $5K if you agree. Oh one more stipulation, you never post again on this board after you pay me.
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