$DYAI So for Covid candidates we have IIBR, DYAI/Erasmus (where we are co-lead), and Scripts. So that's 3 we know of and the 4th was on the last 2 calls as a potential jump into phase 2. I missed it on the last call but looks like it is still in play. Here is Mark in response to one of Jason's questions: "Well, I think that they are further along and with what we're doing with C1. But there is other candidates started with other things and we're talking to about and they're starting to recognize that they have limitations in productivity, but they are testing the candidates out and they seem to be willing to actually take a couple steps back. And run in parallel - that we’ll see." That's 4 Covid candidates and they may still be talking to others. Not to mention all the other partners and projects, all with blockbuster potential. Anyone selling now is like a guy standing under the space shuttle whining about not seeing liftoff with 10 seconds on the countdown clock! Gonna be "Burnt".
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