$CTSO No bueno. No updates on recruiting STAR-T/D sites since more than two months now. First patient enrollment for STAR-T was 342 days ago. Still - according to Dr. Chan - it could take another 3 months to only reach milestone 1 - with just 40 patients. (FYI: Dr. Chan recently stated in an investor conference to reach milestone 1 sometime in fall this year - which "technically" lasts until Dec 20th). In the overall context: I would feel more comfortable if the CFO felt more responsible on her cashburn predictions and saving initiatives. AND if the C-suite would start to question themselves what their joined salary packages of roughly 6 mio USD currently does to the company and its mission to save lives. No bueno.
@Garnix I sent a blistering message to Phil, Kathy, and Al. I will repeat this every day until I see an update on clinical trials. Phil told me 2 weeks ago they would update. I will schedule a call next if I don’t hear from them soon. Total BS. This is their lifeline right now. Throw a bone to the shareholders.
@Canes16 If I look at the cashflow per share development I wonder how pleasant the bank loan negotiations of Mrs. Bloch will be.
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