$ESPR 1 of 3 We know that FDA approved Nexlizet is a combo of Bempedoic Acid and Ezitimide (which is owned by Merck) that is probably why some thought Merck may buy them out last year. (See photo below) But now throw in the number 1 proven statin with Nexlizet’s 2 drugs as in this recent triple therapy trial of combining Bempedoic Acid with Ezitimide and now adding Atvorstatin , which is generic Lipitor and just guess who owns Lipitor, Pfizer- and Pfizer also own 4.8% of ESPR and previously bought out ESPR years ago in a defensive maneuver). And why no mention of this potential blockbuster combo therapy testing before the little blip Twitter about the phase two results. That has to make you wonder. Hmmm Then we have the overseas partners - Daiichi and Outsuka, so there are lots of possibilities here...So I do believe there may be additional interest in ESPR. atherosclerosis-journal.com... Continued below👇
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@Gary9912 2 of 3 We know that maximum statin therapy dosage comes with a lot of side effects. If a drug like Lipitor at low dosage could be combined with other drugs as a blend to dramatically lowering LDL without the major side effects, Those other drugs would be very sought after. The part I’m not sure about is how generics would come into play on something like this type of scenario, Pfizer’s patent is up but they know what a big seller atorvastatin it still is in the U.S. and for them in China with Lipitor. This still has hard to borrow status and with the commission on short shares, I think it’s probably one of these big pharmaceutical companies suppressing the price here a bit. If it’s not the case, then it’s still a decent investment as long as you have time to wait, sales will start creeping up sooner or later. Continued below👇
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@Gary9912 3 of 3 My guess is a big pharmaceutical company knows this also and probably doesn’t want to pay top dollar, so I would think they would want to move quick before sales pick up to save money, time will tell though. Interesting older article from 2017 that talked about Pfizer possibly requiring ESPR at some point. Maybe Pfizer wants Nexletol, Nexlizet, and will eventually gain the rights to Nexlewhatever they choose to call- the new triple therapy treatment??? What are your thoughts on all of this, am I just wishful thinking? Anyone with pharmaceutical expertise have an opinion? Well maybe we will have a clearer picture after Wednesday’s conference. fool.com/investing/2017/03/...
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