$VBIV I’ll leave you all with a POSITIVE late on this Saturday night (I must be buzzed). I’m a little dilatory to catch wind of the news but FUCK YEA MANCHIN!!! By all accounts he pulled away from negotiations all but killing Biden’s BBB. Why is this potentially good for bios? Well BBB, amongst a shitload of other proposals, included a price cap on drug prices. If the deal is indeed dead, market could respond favorably to biotech. ALSO the 40th annual JPM Conference is being held this Mon Jan 10th-13th. Coming at a good time to hopefully get some of the spotlight back on bios. The sector could desperately use a shot in the arm of some highly touted developments or better yet some freakin M&A news!! As we know HISTORICALLY anyway, January is the most fruitful month for M&A to occur. Let’s get some of this momentum back next week!!!