@Gautengtrader inflation was coming either way with the amount of stimulus that got passed under trump. We have a economy where 38% of the top of our wealth pyramid hoard more than 50% of the nations wealth. While the rest of us only hold less than 15%. So why would the solution be to print more money and spend more superficial money? Inflation is a big risk there. Why not go after the big tech giants and corporations hoarding most of the nations wealth and distribute it a bit more. I’m not talking 50/50 but I’m taking about dividing the wealth a bit more fairly instead of letting this wealth inequality gap get wider. It’s not good for a capitalist economy. The best capitalist economies thrive when there’s a lot of consumption. And when you have a few billionaires with more money than millions of Americans then I don’t think you’ll see many billionaires consume in a economy as much as the millions of Americans struggling to get by and that barely have any disposable income to consume.