@HankyChief85 @Dickbender oh stop it Hank. The kid was Genuinely concerned about his girlfriend, so i showed him that I am in worse shape so he can feel better. besides, no offering , no dilution, This is a time thing and it will get there. I have been in this " cement" since $8.55 and comfortably adding to avoid wash sale. lets be honest you are not guessing, you are all about more risk more reward. I'm not here to measure Chump change or Any big change or stock change. I was reassuring the guy that he has nothing to worry about because I'm in worse shape. You got me going now Pal. WE really did not need to what your thoughts on 5k is. just by the way you speak I can guarantee you in a friendly chump change competition we trade one day any day you pick. biggest gains gets the 5k chump change from the other man. you against me. we can make it 10 if you want. since its nothing to you and no risk and all, no offense ! it would be fun, thoughts ? $GNUS
@HankyChief85 @Dickbender here is just one trade the last 5 trading days. notice the tabs beyond the tabs. just a kiss over 100k shares traded at an average of $36. notice the last long position 6200 shares at $39.43. this is one trade ticker nice and easy . add the last long position up only and let us know if you think that is chump change. I hate doing this. just have to becuase you never know who is on the other side man. let me know if you accept the 10k challenge we start today and go till zombie and stop. loser paypals it. or next time dont flex man ...its disgussting i'm doing the same now. and i feel like i'm you . add that up if you need more or just yesterdays small cap low floats , let me know