$SPY lol so let’s lay this out. We rally to nearly $310 on hopes of a deal which was already announced but mostly rallied on a deal being signed here soon, but China said they’d sign the deal only if tariffs are pulled off. Some fufu news about US agreeing with China on no more tariffs which pushed this higher. Now trump says no, you still get tariffs because I’m the f’ing tariff man so you can only imagine what China will do to retaliate. No deal. Not even a phase one. But hey go ahead rally on lmao. And keep on buying the dip. We are lower than last year in terms of earnings, GDP growth, and even Buffett is in $120 billion dollars of cash and won’t touch stocks, but everyone thinks this rally has more to go. This rally is dead. The economy is stagnant and progressively getting worse. I maintain my short position until I see stocks cheap again, which will certainly not be until a hard hit recession.
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