$PACB To add a little context to PACB’s CEO, Christian Henry, he served as Illumina’s CFO and senior VIP, and chief commercial officer from 2006 - 2017. During his tenure, his involvement with Illumina, although not solely a consequence of his role with the company, increased in share price from ~$12 (2006) to ~$170 range when he retired in 2017. ILMN went through a stock split during his time with the company. This man was responsible for company financials and commercial department. His 20+ years of experience and success as an senior EXE is telling in and of itself. Now look at PACB of 2021 and tell me that this may experience a similar period of hyper-growth in the years to come, just as ILMN developed into the sector behemoth of today. Very Bullish.
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