$SNDL $SINT $SXTC $MFH $RCAT Remember: if you don’t learn to play this game independently, you’ll always be holding bags, in the worst of ways. (Most) everyone has their own reasons for “alerting” a stock. Have they already loaded, and want to dump on you? Who knows. You have to be very selective in who you follow. Scrutinize everyone and everything, be protective of your hard earned money. Remember, when it comes to these pennies, people only care about one thing, and that’s themselves. Sure, there are good people out there, but few and far between. Sadly, this is the way you have to be programmed otherwise you will lose. Study, learn, keep your eyes and ears open. But if you don’t put in the work, how can you blame anyone but yourself for losses? Take ownership in your trades. Be accountable. Quit asking when to buy and sell, get out there and try with small amounts, and learn. Everyone, have a blessed weekend! Be happy, be humble, be thankful. See you Monday!