$CDEV When it broke .97 it let go. Watch. And when it dips - because it will - do not press the freaken Sell button. Put Limit Sell Orders on everything you own for 5$ and do it now. Reduce the float. People tell me that's old fashioned, but I am an old fashioned kind of guy. If it rips past the limit and you sell out, take at least 30% of the money and buy back in. And keep it. Free Oil. Black Gold. Texas Tea. Hold it for your grand kids. Don't worry about any unicorn sweat helping jets to reach Hawaii. Then go get a damned hair cut. Anybody that doesn't shave their head (me), you're looking pretty shaggy around now.
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@dionisisk Brother Fat Fred to you lol. The fleas are too much to deal with. And ticks. I live in Florida and spend a lot of time on private (!) property hunting for indigenous artifacts. They're thick in some places. But ticks were created by God to keep us off the sites. They'll bleed you dry. And just make sure you set a dozen alarms for price triggers. They'll work just as well. Have enough so they bother the shit out of you. They work.
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