@Prospern Fear and The Year of the Raccoon... The Khan speaks... • The virus doesn't kill 99.89% of the people that catch it. • Not everybody catches it. If you have T-cells from a cold or the flu you will not catch Covid. • Masks=Fear. They are total bullshit. If you have children, they are not learning to judge people by facial expressions. • 600,000 or more people will die because of shutdowns, isolation, depression, and PTSD. • It's way easier to control frightened people then it is the brave. I do not live with the Spirit of Fear. Nobody should. Nobody. But they listen to bullshit and think if they leave their house there's a 50/50 chance they're gonna die or kill their mom or grandmom. -- The Raccoon of the Royal Court acts as witness to the writings. theethicalskeptic.com/ @EthicalSkeptic on Twitter. Read. Learn. Stand tall.
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