$VBIV The HBV war has some similarity to the shingles vaccine market. Shingrix (GSK), a next-gen vaccine w/ superior safety/efficacy profile, is supplanting Zostavax (Merck). For the HBV players the web’s a bit tangled, though. VBIV’s Sci-B-Vac is positioned a step closer to assuming the supplanter role, demonstrating in-line safety/superior efficacy to GSK’s Engerix-B. GSK, the incumbent, has collaboration agreements w/ VBIV on its LPV Platform and GBM vaccine development, somewhat complicating the landscape, while Dynavax’s Heplisav-B has weaknesses that include market opportunities hindered by an 18-and-over age restriction and concerns over use on immunosuppressed patient populations. Given VBIV’s platform is proving to be a successful pathway toward viable vaccine candidates, coupled with their collaborative relationship with GSK, it would appear a buyout as the logical outcome, while any complacency on GSK’s part would only open the door to their competitors to take advantage
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