$EDSA Quite frankly, I think the Canadian government solution to COVID is much more pragmatic than the Americans. There are two things needed to get out of this COVID cloud: 1) Higher vaccine uptake as they have proven effective 2) For those that refuse and/or the small percentage of breakthrough cases that end up in ICU have a therapy that can save the majority and make the death rate similar to that of other influenzas. To this end, all of the therapies from Remdesivir, Merck and Pfizer for Mild/Moderate COVID is just money making noise aka BULLSHIT! If somebody didn't get vaccinated they are not presenting at the hospital at the first feeling of flu like symptoms. The Liberal government has doubled down in the beginning of their new term on the first part of this equation and hopefully in the very near future they back up the money truck to get EB05 available ASAP for the severe/critical patients.