$NBRV In the near term expect NBRV to sign on an EU partner for the sale of Lefamulin. My thinking (hoping) is that they don’t have a deal as yet because they are confident of respectable sales numbers in the US for Lefamulin which would give NBRV stronger leverage. The launch of Contepo will be piggybacked on the existing framework of Lefamulin for which they did a quit thorough job of introduction to the potential hospital market, pre and post FDA approval. This means at least 60 sales people at the starting line. Given the $1.8 million in sales at the Lefamulin inception we might expect even better numbers for Contepo which was their first FDA submission so presumably NBRV management thought it would be the more profitable. Yesterdays after-hour's volume of 800,000 plus shares on the fully expected Contepo news was very impressive and telling.
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