$LK I have invested heavily in this company. My advice to myself is to ignore the noise. Investing in young companies with strong growth potentials is always risky. As long as one believes in a company's fundamentals and to growth potentials, one should wait patiently. Buffett has many great analogies, but I like this one the best: “If you have to closely follow a company, you shouldn’t own it. If you buy a farm, do you go up and look every couple of weeks to see how far the corn is up? Do you worry too much when someone says ‘this is going to be a year of low prices’ because exports are being affected, or something like that? I’ve got one farm that I bought in the 1980s, my son runs it - I’ve been there once! It doesn’t grow faster if I go and stare at it, I can’t cheer for it."
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