$PLUG $PLUG PLUG Power should be $30 right now on its way to $50 this year!!! $NKLA Nikola doesn’t even have factory! NIKOLA HAS ZERO REVENUE .. STOCK PRICE 66$ NO FACTORY..!!!!!!! IO ownership %1 Whereas $PLUG has 20 years experience . 2 factories. 1 000 workers & engineers... Many PATENTS on DRONES, FC EV ENGINES PROGEN TECHNOLOGY .. Consuming daily 100 TONS H2 more than NASA.... No.1 industry Leader in H2 FC Technology in the world. IO OWNERS %50 and fastly going UP each day... BLACK ROCK buying each day more and more. (%10 owner of $PLUG) . %15 owner $AMZN .. %15 owner $WMT 100 000 GENDRIVES WORKING IN USA IN DC'S 15 000 H2 FC EV ENGINE PROGEN WORKING on ROADS $DHL $FDX $AMZN $WMT TRUCKS VANS ....AIRPORTS TUGGERS $FDX DRONES FC EV ENGINE MAXIMUM DISTANCE RANGE MUCH MORE BIGGER THAN BATTERIES ION SYSTEM WHICH IS UNSUFFICIENT $PLUG STOCK PRICE MUST BE BIGGER THAN $NKLA
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