$SHOP I respect your opinion and we are all untitled to them but I see a total different picture here. I see the future!!!!! and it is extremely bright!!!
@Glenn35is I don’t think so. I think perhaps at max, the $60-80 range would be the best possible outcome for a stock like this to be at within the next 2-4 years. That would be the high end too. Realistically, it will float around the 20-50 range if all goes well. The other argument is taking the overhyped speculative retail investor into consideration and using a stock like $SHOP as a benchmark. So it goes well above a few hundred dollars with no profits, heavy maintenance costs, considerable advertising & marketing costs and hiring new staff etc. All of which is needed to scale. At the same time, competing with Tesla. Never-mind the other similar companies that will pop up in the meantime. It could be inflated beyond its worth - that is a distinct possibility but it’s rare to that level.
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