$AMC $GME - Okay, so here is my test as to whether or not you're an ape - (You must score at least 6 out of ten and this is only for fun): One point for any instance of the following: 1. You've checked the price at 4 am or as soon as you've gotten up. 2. You've contributed DD to the cause or read at least one piece of DD that made your head hurt. 3. You've spent a weekend checking stock forums. 4. You've went after at least one bear or FUD spreader. 5. You've told at least one other real person they should consider buying the stock. 6. You haven't sold one share. 7. You know what a ladder attack is. 8. You've attached a meme gif to at least one message. 9. You remember to click bullish the majority of the time. 10. You have mentally purchased a yacht, mansion or expensive car in your head.