$UVXY is 5:1 compressed against its mother analog the S&P 500 and 2:1 compressed against its primary derivative the $VIX in a 30-day compression cycle. My main TP is $215 - $270 strike with a $300-$360 push due to all the compressed kinetic energy built up from decay against the $SPX. These levels satisfies a macro mean reversion. // sorry, NO reverse split // - that would unravel the 5:1 compression against its mother analog $SPX. VIX would reach $200+ SPX would reach $1080.00 DXY would reach $113. SPY would reach $110. Timeframe of Black Swan scenario executed is by July 2021. Multi-million $$ trade sequences. Stay patient. Get rewarded. This is a golden egg. // Por la razón o la fuerza // Cajunomics101