$MICT this stock seems to be a China fintech play only (mostly) in actuality. That's the reality, that where it will make its claim, break thru as a standout if it does imo. Why is seems special. and Why is seems a bit of a reach. If it begins to show evidence of traction there, that is the game changer. That is what got our attention. to do a deeper diver. To extent that the biz model is strategic and sound, that the infrastructure and sales are grounded in expert local knowledge and built for success on the ground in China, and that real efficiencies are built into it. well, there are anumber of plausible scenarios that could make this is special. On paper it seems good. And yet....there is a rather troubling? (mysterious maybe is better?) opaque view into it that makes it hard to wrap your arms around it and bring it in. And that's ok; it's maybe just part of it for now. But it is a factor. (edited post I responded to @MightyMercer earlier.)
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