$TBLT Well another glorious day was had today as we ran sideways. They had been releasing PR continually last week for a while there and then they just stopped. I wonder if that will pickup again before their meeting on the 27th or before ER deadline expectations on Monday the 30th. With those two things factoring in, Friday might actually be a really good day. I was corrected earlier ER due date is the 30th not the 31st you can thank @Mounting_Mayhem for the clarification. As always you guys are doing great work and we are now 4 days away from the pot of gold over the freaking rainbow. There better not be lucky charms sitting there, i am sure we would all be displeased lol (joke). 5,948,053 in volume for the day 2,817,012 which had been short trades. Shorts can be checked here: algowins.com/ During ER we will be looking to pull off a wonderful Short Squeeze see link for an explanation: investopedia.com/terms/s/sh... Thank you all for you hard work. Trade Wisely and don't chase!
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