$TBLT Well, here you all stand in the den of shorts and penny flippers as your gains are eaten away again by fear and doubt. Most likely everyone will start pointing fingers and speculating, keep doing that it works so well. (Rolls Eyes) For those of you who have been here for an extremely Long bull run you know its just a matter of time before this goes up. You know that this nightmare stock fly’s just when you sold, as your cheated out of gains. Worst of all like something saps you buy back in at higher positions. All because you believe this. In the past we have all proven it is not PR that will make this fly it is you. When you stand together with 1 mind, 1 goal you can make this stock move. So I ask you will you let this sink for the holiday weekend as you chase on Tuesday when they release PR again and this rises? Will you give in to doubt and let those around you have there way with you gains as they break your spirit’s? To be continued out of room
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