$TBLT Continued here: Will rise above this as 1 and hold the line so when they release PR after the holiday this reaches even high gains than most of you expected. Do what you think is best for your self-interests. Personally, I see higher gains after this holiday, and I grow tired of the weak-minded fools holding this down. I grow tired of the penny flippers that infest this ticker like fleas on a dog sucking out the life out of the stock which adds to the shorts constant brutalitarian march. To arms I say! Hold the line and rise above your fears! Rise above this pit of oppression which we have been left to linger in and stand for your rights of higher gains! Stand up for yourself and for what you believe in. Push back the festering disease which rots away at the core of your doubts and those who continue to hold you down from higher gains. You hold the stock which means you control the price. Don't case the buyer make the buyer case you. Set limit orders and not market! GS Out!
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