$FCEL I’m like if Paul Revere was handsome & traded options. I warned you all of the british. I told you all this was dangerously overbought and overbought and that there were no logical explanations for the current share price. Revenue doesn’t make sense. Avalanche of debt doesn’t make sense. Jumping 400% on 4m arr news didn’t make sense. What did make sense was the penny stock promotion that sucked in over 22 thousand retail robin hood investors in a couple weeks-stock price quadrupling while institutional ownership of $FCEL remained at under 5%. 1.04 was a fair price. None of the near term sell catalysts (Orion’s warrants and the impending guaranteed dilution of further shares to pay off the near usurious compounding debt Fuel Cell’s in) are priced in. Over and over again, pumpers beg for news to artificially inflate the company. Are you buying the company’s optics to fellow degenerates? Are you purchasing an undervalued asset? Or are you rolling the dice? Sell now, thank me later.
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