$OEG reposting some DD in response to some of the worriers on this board. So I’ve been wondering for some time how OEG got hooked up with Acon Lighting America. It initially became very clear to me that something was going on behind the scenes when Acon got up at the President’s Green Energy Ball and announced not only the project but then he publicly announced OEG as being there choice to do the work. (That just doesn’t usually happen.) The (Boss) doesn’t usually mention the (contractor) at such a high profile event. So this is it right here... Mr. Brandon Martin Sr. Is the CEO of Orbital Solar Services and he is also the CEO of Acon Lighting America. That’s right, I mean how perfect is that?! So Mr Martin Sr. Is at 2 million shares, one of the largest shareholders of OEG period. So in my opinion if Acon has solar work that needs to be done guess who is going to get the job every time? Hmmm... I wonder...