$OEG @SMUFinance21 @Cooper78 Cooper. I’m the admin for the Facebook group. Most of us are not professionals at all, we are just regular people with a desire to learn. There are also some very knowledgeable people there as well, including people with experience running public companies, a couple OEG employees, and an executive from one of the companies within OEG. It’s a great opportunity for the less knowledgeable to gain some insight. One of the reasons I started the group was so the less knowledgeable could feel free to ask some questions without being beaten for it, or made to feel like idiots by people like you. No one is down on SMU. There is one post that one member is commenting on the feud the was between SMU and Jonny L. but it’s my understanding that Jonny and SMU have come to some type of understanding and have moved on. Not sure why you feel the need to start problems over a nonissue. Seems your amazing life has some holes in it that need filling.