$SPY $QQQ everything that called the correction has changed: Bitcoin went down from $12k to 10k, now went up to $10.4k DXY went $91.80 to $94 now back down to $93. VIX went up on huge volume while QQQ were going up, now it melted 10% on huge volume with QQQ falling. Oil fell 15% now it reversed and its going up. Greed index went from 50 to 77 (extreme greed) now back to 58 Brexit deal broke apart and the pound went down 5%, now they are back to the table, pound found the bottom. AZN vaccine got cancelled, now its back on track. Stimulus got voted and didnt pass, now Democrats need to pass something or will lose chairs in Congress. International tension India/China, now 2 peace deals with Israel/Bahrain and Serbia/Kosovo
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